Delphinium & Yellow Incense Cabin

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These herbarium incense cabins are the newest addition to Black River Moon!
Place your incense cone in the burning bowl, light, cover with the cabin and watch the smoke pour out of the chimney & fill your room with herbal magic.

-Make sure all paper/debris is out of the cabin
-Place bowl on a heat safe surface (see caution below)
-Spoon enough white ash to fill bowl about half way full
-Place incense in the ash so it is standing upright, and light the tip.
-Once flame is out, and the incense is burning, place the cabin over the bowl
-Take a few big relaxing deep breaths to enjoy the herbal aroma & watch the magic happen

Included in this bundle:
*Incense Cabin
*Burning bowl
*White ash
*10 pack of hand rolled herbal incense

CAUTION: This burner was designed with all natural herbal incense in mind. If you burn commercial/store bought incense cones, please be aware that it may cause the bowl & cabin to get HOT. This is because most mass produced incense contain charcoal and burn much hotter & faster. You can use any incense cone, just be mindful and use on a heat safe surface.

Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep out of reach of children, as the incense are made of medicinal herbs & the cabin is made of fragile glass & lead solder.