Herbal Smoke Blends


Herbal smoke blends are a great replacement OR addition for your typical choice of smoke, you can smoke on their own, or blend them with other smokable herbs (I typically do a 50/50 blend when rolling a spliff).
Each blend is formulated with specific intention-

Decompress: This smoke blend is great for easing stress, and helping you decompress after a long day. Lavender is a shining ingredient, allowing you to take a deep breathe and fully relax.

Nightcap: This smoke blend is great for enjoying right before bed. Mugwort is known for its dream enhancing abilities- so be prepared for some interesting dreams after smoking this one.

Harmony: This smoke blend is formulated to be shared with a friend. Meant to bring a sense of harmony to a gathering, ritual or special occasion. More on the floral side, while still being smooth and relaxing.

Pick Me Up: This smoke blend is great for reviving your senses, and heighten your awareness. The Peppermint adds a nice menthol flavor, leaving you feeling refreshed after smoking.

Each blend comes loose in a tin ready to roll or pack into a pipe, and weighs about .5oz